who is giogio

Giogio is an Italian artist who presents his five Collections: a series of NFT images that develops around five events represented by the five icons of our senses.

His collections are born from the idea of ​​representing today’s time through the use of techniques and languages ​​typical of the artistic currents of the twentieth century in Europe. The eclectic use of translated icons of the past to communicate a state of restlessness: from the DADA movement to POP Art, passing through Surrealism and Metaphysics.

The Collection consists of five events also known as temporal phases: the mouth, the nose, the eye, the ear and the hand; each of these phases has a common thread to discover.

His conception of art stems from the coexistence between the historical paths that the great masters of the 3rd Art have bequeathed and the socio-political situation in which we live. The idea is to convey sensations to the world in the form of figurative art using the techniques that European artists of the twentieth century have handed down and experimented on canvas.

The five icons tell the significant events of each day, using the contrast between reality and fiction using the technique of patchwork and that of metasigns. The use of these icons is represented by the language of signs and colors, of light and of the shield: the only language accessible to all and recognized in all continents of the earth.

Giogio’s Collections show themselves with the first event represented by the Lips motif: as an element of dialogue and interaction. Later it develops with the event around the theme of the nose: as an olfactory sensation and disturbance. With the Eye event the present is told through everyday objects used as themes that excite and pollute. With the event of the Ear the cycle of the Lips is completed: as listening and meditation, while with the event of the Hand the five temporal phases are completed: the tactile sensation.

The works of Giogio’s Collections will also be displayed on the Bianco Home Tuscany portal at www.biancohometuscany.com to be purchased in print form.

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